Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is extremely intricate. Whether you require farm insurance, transportation insurance, or directors and officers liability insurance, you want coverage that effectively protects your business.

The brokers at Jeffery & Spence can help you navigate all the complexities of commercial insurance in Guelph. We analyze all aspects of your business to find you appropriate coverage. We also connect you with cost-effective insurance plans so you can receive the most benefits for the lowest costs.

All-Encompassing Commercial Insurance Options

Our brokers have experience with the following types of commercial insurance in Guelph:

  • Commercial/Industrial Insurance: Cover your commercial buildings and your employees with property and casualty coverage.
  • Directors and Officers Liability: Shield the leaders of your company from detrimental financial claims with an affordable insurance plan.
  • Marine Insurance: Prepare for potential harm to your company’s ships, terminals, or cargo.
  • Farm Insurance: Make sure your farm lasts for years to come and shield it from damage and loss.
  • Agri-Business Insurance: Protect your agricultural business operations so your business can thrive.
  • Transportation and Trucking: We can help you find a plan that covers loss or damage to your trucks and other vehicles.
  • Errors and Omissions Liability: Whether you employ doctors, lawyers, or accountants, you must safeguard your company against legal action from dissatisfied clients.
  • Bonding: We can help you locate the right commercial bonds to defend you and your partners from client claims.

Years of Expertise

Don’t take a chance on your business’s success. Get advice and guidance from a professional broker from Jeffery & Spence, who can help you locate all the coverage you need. Since 1927, we’ve helped many businesses in the area. We maintain a personal touch, and strive to provide you with insurance options that meet your needs.

Call, email, or visit us to find commercial insurance for your Guelph business.