Commercial insurance in Guelph

Which Type of Insurance Is Right for My Business?

A multitude of insurance options are available to fit businesses specific needs and concerns. Although this is a good thing, trying to determine the best policies to cover your business’ needs can be overwhelming. There are many types of business or commercial insurance in Guelph. Common types of insurance include accounts receivable, business income, business

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Important home insurance coverage

Important Items to Ensure are Covered in Your Home Insurance

Your house has a lot of value — not only the land it sits on, but also the materials it is built with, and the prized possessions it holds. While no one wants to think about the consequences of a fire, flood, or robbery, it is important to ensure that your insurance will adequately protect

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How to determine insurance rates in Guelph

How is a Home Insurance Rate Determined?

Home insurance premiums are fundamentally based on an assessment of overall risk. Many factors go into this analysis. Features of your home that create a higher risk of covered “perils” or risks coming to fruition, will result in higher premiums. Some of the types of considerations that affect your home insurance premiums are outlined here

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What to do after an Automobile Accident

Many of clients often ask what they should be doing after an automobile accident. Here are some tips: See if there are any injuries or anyone needs medical attention. Take photos of the scene, move your vehicles out of the way of traffic if possible Get a photo or write down the following information: Name and phone

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Distracted Driving: What It Is and How to Avoid It

For many of us, driving has become so commonplace in our everyday lives that we tend to give it very little thought. As a result, we sometimes forget that driving is a demanding and complex task and any momentary lapse in attention, no matter how brief, can potentially lead to harmful consequences for those in

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