About Us


Back in 1927, brothers Frederick and Robert Spence teamed up with Andrew Jeffery, and created their own company. Andrew retired in the 50’s, and the Spence’s took sole ownership at that time. The Spence family tradition carried on with Frederick’s son, Albert who stepped into the controlling shoes in 1974 after many years of training and guidance from his father. Just one year later, the company moved to the present address on Paisley Street.

In 1992, the ownership was passed on to four long-serving employees; Julio D’Antonio, Bob Cheeseman, Enzo DiReto, and Janette King. Bob and Janette have since retired and the firm is owned and operated by Julio and Enzo. Throughout all of these changes in ownership and premises, Jeffery & Spence has held on to something other than the name – an ongoing reputation for providing the best professional insurance advice and quality service for our clients, in a friendly and personal manner.

Acquiring the proper insurance for your particular needs should be done with care. Ascertaining those needs is, of course very important. Researching those insurance companies who can supply you with the appropriate coverage is wise, even essential. It makes sense to give this responsibility to someone who knows the industry, understands the complexity of the insurance world, and (most importantly) understands you, the client.

This is where Jeffery & Spence steps appropriately into the picture. As independent brokers, we take the worry out of finding insurance protection for your personal and business requirements. We establish your needs and do all the vital research for you, so that you can be sure that your coverage is appropriate for you. We work on our customer’s behalf; we are in your corner and your protection and peace of mind is our ultimate goal.


Don’t be under the impression that pricing is the only key factor. Of course, we all want the best price possible for our insurance coverage but beware – that low cost policy you may have at the moment may simply not be suitable for your needs. Jeffery & Spence can attain the best coverage at the best price, with the most important element being proper coverage and quality service. You need to know that in the unfortunate situation of having to file a claim, your policy will work for you, not against you. It takes an insurance expert to provide you with that guarantee. Our customers are taken care of on a continuing basis. Jeffery & Spence is constantly reviewing client policies as they come up for renewal and we literally “keep an eye” on your individual situation. We will advise or recommend changes if and where necessary.

Jeffery & Spence insures clients in and around the Guelph and Kitchener area. Such is the satisfaction level of our customers that many who have moved away to other parts of Ontario still choose to do business with our firm. We have a reputation for dedication to our customers. Our team of managers and employees have been together for many years, solidifying the strength of knowledge and expertise. This longevity means that a customer/broker relationship is created. Clients are always greeted with familiar, friendly faces and our office is warm and welcoming. We are dedicated to providing the most courteous and efficient service to our most important asset – you, our customer.